2014 Seattle Hypnosis Conference: Empowering Women Through Skill Building Hypnosis – 12 Hours of Video Training

$329.00 $77.00


Empowering Women:

Skill-Building Hypnosis for Female Clients


Kelley Woods 

with Roger Moore and Dr. Richard Nongard 

12 Hours of Conference Video Content and Handout Resources

Approved CEU hours for nurses, mental health professionals and hypnotherapy

 You may order DVD’s  of the event by calling our office. (DVD video are an additional $30)

Professional hypnotists who master the art of empowering women through mindful hypnosis have the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of their work, increase referral and feel more confident in their work.  

Are you an aspiring or professional hypnotist who wants to maximize your own skill level?

It does not matter if you are a male hypnotist or a female hypnotist, the women with whom you work with have unique needs and unique strengths. By learning a model of skill-building hypnosis you can set yourself apart from other hypnotists in your area and bring real solutions to the women you work with.

Here is the agenda:


Empowering Women Conference:

Empowering Women: Skill-Building Hypnosis for Female Clients

Based on the strategies of Kelley Woods and HOPE COACHing and the unique perspectives of Dr. Richard Nongard, LMFT and Roger Moore, Registered Counselor and Professional Hypnotist.

Both days are practical skill building days, teaching you the skills of effective hypnosis and how to empower your female clients with skills for success. No topic will be off-limits if a discussion of these topics i s beneficial to the women on our caseload.  The underlying foundation will be that of Positive Psychology, recognizing the unique strengths of your female clients and predicated on a set of hypnotic interventions grounded in present living.

Ego Strengthening

  • Boundary Establishment and Enforcement
  • Developing and Activating Self Care
  • Reducing Self Doubt and Increasing Self Trust/Efficacy
  • Enhancing Power of Intuition

Transforming Trauma/Loss

  • Grief
  • Abortion, miscarriage
  • Divorce
  • Empty Nest

Self Regulation of Physical Issues

  • Premenstrual Syndrome/Tension
  • Menopause Symptoms
  • Sexual Responses
  • Chronic Anxiety, Pain, Sleep Issues

Other Issues

  • Sexual Pleasure and Sexual Acceptance
  • Same Sex Relationships
  • Alternatives to Regression and Retraumatizing Clients


You will have time to learn and practice in small groups the specific methods of effective hypnosis. You will get printed scripts and protocols you can take home with you  to use with your clients.  These workshops will be practical “how-to” approaches that will increase both your skill level and those of your clients.

This training is appropriate for all aspiring and professional hypnotists and mental health counselors using mindfulness based approaches. You will learn both basic and advanced strategies and leave this workshop with skills you can use to empower your own life and the lives of the women you work with.

Men are encouraged to take this course. We recognize that the gender of the therapist is far less important than empathy, knowledge and therapist skill level.  If you work with female clients, or want to improve your rapport and marketing with female clients, this workshop is for you.

ONLINE:  You can view the streaming video in our online learning center, or download the files for viewing on your own device. You can get DVD’s by calling our office at an additional $30 charge.

CEU HOURS: We will provide CEU hours for Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Mental Health Counselors and Clinical Hypnosis. Our list of State  CEU approvals can be found here: http://ceu.fastceus.com/board-approvals/ Additionally, we are approved to offer ICBCH, IMDHA and IACT CEU hours. 




Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy

HOPE COACHing and the Woods Hypnosis Center