How much money does it cost to open a hypnosis clinic?

Spend 3-Days of Study at Hypnosis Nevada, LLC

I have opened my new office in Las Vegas. Since 2006 I have been in 4 different hypnosis offices, three in Tulsa and now my new office in Las Vegas.  (Prior to this time I was doing hypnosis, but in a counseling setting). I created a video sharing with you all the expenses I had from pens and paper to legal and licensing fees. Everything is included and it can give you an idea of what you might spend.

This is a premium office, in a premium building and location. Can you do it for less than I did? Probably, but even with everything new I spent only about $4300. Not many other businesses can be opened for less than $5000. You can also come study with me and spend one, two, or three days learning hands-on and getting my full attention helping you develop your own style and reaching your own goals at the Hypnosis Nevada, LLC office.

Do you want to build a private practice and see clients? I have many resources right on this website to help you. You can take our hypnosis certification training programs or find out how to attract your next 5 paying clients. I also have many other resources for business development and I am always willing to answer any questions.  You can start with my Quick Start Guide to Building a Private Practice!

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Hi - I'm Dr. Richard Nongard, Certified Professional Hypnotist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I love teaching hypnosis and NLP and I have created tremendous learning resources for you right on this website. We use the same methods major universities use in online education, and I am always available to answer questions.