24 Hour Trance – Free Training Download

24 Hour Trance: How to Become Hypnotic from the 2016 Hypnothoughts Convention. I have posted this as a “video” you can listen to and you can download the entire audio track below for listening on the go. I even uploaded the transcript for those who would rather read it.

Open Audio to Download MP3
PDF Transcript to Read

Come study one-on-one in my clinic for an extra day, it’s just down the street from The Orleans Hotel!

Hypnothoughts Live is the biggest hypnosis and hypnotherapy convention in the world. It is held in Las Vegas in August. Join me this August for the main event August 24-26 and if you attend my all day training’s offered as either a pre-conference or post-conference the day before or after the main convention, I will share with you how you can attend these extra days for virtually nothing!

You can also join me  for private study one-on-one in my office just down the road from The Orleans and Hypnothoughts LIVE by scheduling an extra day or two before or after the convention.

By attending either (or both) of my pre and post conference events you will be attending the extra days for virtually nothing. You can’t get a better value than that! And best of all? I am going to cut your learning curve by sharing with you the exact methods that I have taken 30 years to perfect. When I started doing hypnosis, no internet was available, DVDs didn’t exist and books were scarce and expensive. But thanks to events like this – you can learn the exact steps you need to take to master essential aspects of doing professional hypnosis.

Hypnothoughts Live Hypnosis Convention Las Vegas

See you in Las Vegas this August! Call me if you have any questions at (918) 236-6116. I love helping first-time visitors make plans to visit the city where I live, and I can help you with every aspect of your journey to success.

Hypnothoughts Live Hypnosis Convention Las Vegas

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