How to Get New Private Practice Hypnosis Clients

People contact me all the time wondering how to get new private practice hypnosis clients, and why the phone is not ringing.  Running a hypnosis practice is just like any other business. Only in Hollywood does, “Built it and they will come” actually happen.

The potential for online and social media marketing has made people really lazy. They just won’t go outside anymore to do real work with real walking shoes. But if you do these 7 things, I can promise you, your phone will ring.

In the current year, the main way to attract new clients is going to be rock solid SEO and a brilliant and professional website built by a professional.  But just because you have an online presence, does not mean the following ways to attract new clients should be overlooked. If you are not doing these things, it is no wonder you phone is not ringing:

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1.)   Do you have a flyer/brochure that specifically overviews all your services and a flyer that highlights one service where you want to niche?   Have you then taken this to every office in your building and said, “Hello, we have a new office in the building and as your neighbor, we wanted you to know about our services and we want to know about the services you offer!

You can do this with every office in your building, and the buildings next to yours.  You can then do this in every building within a 2 mile radius of your office.  Should be several hundred offices. This will take time, a couple hours a day. But if you do this for a month straight, 2 hours a day, you will long for the day you get some time to relax. If you don’t do it, I can promise nothing will change. Your phone will stay silent.

2.)  Are you learning from local groups such as this:   I go to meetings like these every month.

3.)  Have you contacted the reporters by name at local media outlets and invited them to do a story about hypnosis?  “Hey, reporter, we wanted you to know that this time of years, Seasonal Affective Disorder impacts a lot of people.  I think it would make a great story to talk about this…”   Or   “Hey Mr. Reporter, every summer people try to get in shape again, let’s talk about hypnosis and weight loss…”

Reporters are dying to create stories. Contact the local TV station lifestyle news editor.  Tell them you are free for an interview. They will interview you, you will get on TV and in the newspapers for free.  If you don’t do this, I can promise you one thing:  You will never get free press.

4.)   Have you talked to radio stations about buying ads in your local market?  I have had good success with that.  Radio ads can be very powerful drivers of new referrals.

5.)  Are you buying a classified ads in the print version of weekly papers? If not, buy an ad, and run it perpetually offering a specific service in your niche market.

7.)  If you accept insurance, find out who the other providers are that are on the same insurance panels as you are. Go call on them (actually show up at their office) ask to see the office manager, make sure they know you are a pre-approved provider they can refer to.   Do this 3 times a week, and the end of 12 weeks, you will probably be swamped with referrals.  Then keep doing this and never stop.

Yes, you need a brilliant webiste. And yes, you will attract new clients if you have good SEO and target messages on your website, But the above tired and true methods should not be skipped in favor of social media or online marketing.

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