Creating Effective Suggestions in Hypnosis: LEARN TO WRITE YOUR OWN SCRIPTS


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Easily learn to structure and write suggestions to maximize therapeutic impact in clinical hypnotherapy!

In this video, award-wining hypnotherapist Richard K. Nongard will teach you his no-fail system for writing effective hypnosis scripts. You will be able to create more efficient suggestions that incorporate both directive and non-directive approaches, and use hypnotic phenomena to deepen hypnosis and produce more satisfactory and reliable outcomes.

By following this multi-modal model for script writing, you will discover exactly how to structure positive suggestions, use metaphors and stories, master the development of transitional deepeners and post-hypnotic suggestions, and draw upon powerful hypnotic phenomena like amnesia, regression and dissociation for maximum impact.

You can become a truly self-reliant hypnotist and achieve better results with clients in hypnotherapy, and this DVD can help you achieve this goal!

Richard Nongard is an experienced clinician, speaker and counselor educator, known around the world for his creative insights and light-hearted, dynamic approach to meeting clients at their point of need. Richard will teach you the secrets to producing solid, powerful suggestions and complete scripts to help your clients make positive life changes.

Below are some sample clips from the instructional video - enjoy!