Can a fat hypnotist do weight loss hypnosis?

Hypnotists are regular people just like the rest of the population, and every practicing hypnotist finds their niche. Some work with smoking cessation, others weight loss, some with academic performance or sports performance or any number of other issues. So, when I go to a hypnosis convention I see buff hypnotists, short hypnotists, well dressed hypnotists, old hypnotists, young hypnotists and everything in between. And yes, I see fat hypnotists. Are you one of those hypnotists who has a few extra pounds? Or even a lot of extra pounds?

It is a good thing, no matter what type of niche we work in, that we do not need to be perfect people to help others. We can use our education and experience, and even some of the methods that we have used to improve our own lives to better the lives of others. As hypnotists, we know what works, and what doesn’t (in fact the research shows us).

weight loss hypnosis training

And so, fat hypnotists can help other people lose weight. Although it’s probably not the best marketing angle, the fact remains, you don’t have to be perfect to help others. People come in all shapes and sizes, and even if you sport a few extra pounds, there will be clients out there who are actually facing life and death with their weight, and would actually be envious of being your weight – even if it is 30 pounds too high.

In fact, struggling with some of your own weight issues can help you to do two key things. First, it might help you to structure suggestions based on what you know works in your own life. Any suggestion that we give from personal experience, even if we are not perfect, will come from a place of compassion and passion. Second, it can help foster empathy – and studies show that this creates better outcomes.[i]

But if you are an overweight hypnotist embrace the reality that you can lose weight. If you read this article because you are a fat hypnotist, and you wondered what I had to say, you have insight and already recognize a problem. And we know that that of course, is the beginning of change. Yes, you can help clients now, and lose weight as you help others. I have found that during the times in my life when I was seeing the most weight loss clients (I have been working with weight loss clients since the 1980’s) were also the times in my life when I was the leanest and healthiest. During these periods, maintaining a healthy weight was effortless, because day in and day out I was sharing trance with my clients. As I made suggestions to them – I internalized those suggestions in my own life.

I have always said that as a professor, I have learned as much from my students as they have from me. And this axiom is true in therapy. As I help others, I help myself.

Are you a fat hypnotist?  Are you only doing sport performance or hypnotic pain control?  Start seeing weight loss clients. They will grateful for your experience, wisdom and empathy and you will find that the hours of hypnosis with them, become hours of self-hypnosis with yourself that will produce the same results for both you and your client.

The best starting point is my new course: First Session Success with Weight Loss Clients. In this course, I guide another hypnotist who is struggling with recent weight gain through the basic process of a first weight loss session. When I recorded the training, I discovered that everything I said to him, I could internalize myself. And you can benefit both personally and professionally by taking this course today.

[1] Derksen, F., Bensing, J., & Lagro-Janssen, A. (2013). Effectiveness of empathy in general practice: a systematic review. British Journal of General Practice, 63(606), 76-84. doi:10.3399/bjgp13x660814

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