Basic Clinical Hypnosis Class (24 Hours CE Credit) - 100% ONLINE

Basic Clinical Hypnosis Class (20 Hours CE Credit) - 100% ONLINE

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CLINICAL HYPNOSIS: The Ultimate Solution Therapy
100% ONLINE Independent Study Certification Training Program

24 Hours of  NAADAC/NBCC  Approved Continuing Education Credits
ICBCH Specialty Certification Designation

NOTE: When you sign up for this 100% online program, you will be able to download an instruction sheet that details how to access the program materials online to begin your studies immediately.


  • The course content is intended to educate those who have very little or even no prior experience in hypnotherapy.
  • Those with prior experience in clinical hypnosis will also benefit by refining skills and techniques and learning the suggestive therapy approach of skill-building contetual hypnotherapy offered in this program.
  • This comprehensive hypnotist training program is designed to provide you with fundamental required skills, and help you succeed at implementing hypnotherapy into clinical practice with real clients, with confidence!

Are you ready to move forward as a qualified hypnotist?

Are you seeking new skills that will help you improve client outcomes?

Are you looking for a way out of managed care and the “system"?

Clinical hypnosis is an effective and proven outcome-based therapy, useful for creating lasting change and overcoming client resistance. Our course will teach you how to hypnotize anyone and retrain the mind to break self-defeating subconscious patterns.

The research is in: Hypnosis is safe and effective. As a counselor or social worker, you already possess many of the basic skills required. Hypnosis is a first-line intervention, with research backing its usefulness for treating a wide variety of issues including obesity and tobacco addiction.

Hypnosis is used in medical settings to enhance outcomes in cancer treatment, pain control, and autoimmune disorders. It is a powerful resource for improving surgical outcomes for orthopedic, cardiac, and other medical patients. It is among the most effective interventions for IBS and other limiting disorders. That's why our courses are approved for nursing CEUs as well as social work and counseling CEUs. See video below for some of the research statistics.

Successful Private Practice with NO insurance

Some professional hypnotists have built all-cash private practices focusing on helping students overcome test taking anxiety and improve academic performance. Others have built thriving practices, with self-paying clients, coaching athletes in the mental aspects of the game. A professional hypnotist seeing just ten clients a week and charging $259 for smoking cessation can earn six figures a year – without ever filling out one insurance form or ever dealing with managed care. *

 Hypnotherapists see a different type of client. They offer services in corporate stress management. They present training programs on maximizing human potential. They help people solve problems rather than treating mental illness. Hypnotherapists can earn part-time or full-time incomes seeing motivated and self-paying clients. Our program will teach you how to do this.

Are you ready for the next phase of your professional development?

Our program was created specifically for the at-home learner. The exercises in the DVDs, CDs, and textbooks have been designed to help learn to structure and implement meaningful and effective hypnosis sessions, so that you will be a success when you finish the course.


Independent Home Study Certification Training Program

24 Hours of Continuing Education Credits 
ICBCH Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Certification

This is the program to take to earn certification as a hypnotist, and top learn the foundation of contextual hypnotherapy and its integration into professional counseling.

These are all new videos recorded in 2012




The Basic Certification course content is comprised of the following media formats and core educational components:

7 DVD Videos

  • DVD 1- 6:   
These DVDs comprise a systemic approach to utilizing hypnotherapy.  You will learn step-by-step the process for conducting an effective hypnosis session.  
You will learn the techniques of skill-building hypnosis, the proper way to complete assessment and communicate with the client.

You will learn the structure of hypnotic suggestion and how hypnosis works to assist clients with a variety of presenting problems.    In this course, lectures are supplemented with actual demonstrations.   You will learn through lecture and actually seeing the complete process.

This DVD series covers a comprehensive approach including deepening trance, overcoming difficult clients and integrating hypnotherapy into traditional treatment plans.

You will learn strategies to help people stop smoking, manage stress, control weight and learn more effectively.   These strategies can be applied to pain control, pre and post surgical preparation and are founded on what the research shows to be the most effective tools for change.
  • DVD 7: 
    This DVD, contains the ICBCH Code of Ethics and a model for resolving ethical dilemmas. The most valuable portion is perhaps guidance concerning individual state regulations on hypnosis and hypnotherapy practice, models for informed consent, and an explanation not only of the proper use of hypnosis and hypnotherapist titles, but suggestions that can help you succeed in practice by making sure you represent yourself accurately and professionally to prospective clients. Richard also touches on the regulations of hypnosis around the world, for professionals outside of the USA. Graduates of this ICBCH homestudy program will have the resources necessary to build a successful private practice and operate within the law and ethical guidelines suggested by the ICBCH.


  • You will be give a download of a complete audio sample session .mp3

  • NSRI - Assessment of Client Strengths and Resources: 
    Hypnotherapy is a solution focused approach, and you will complete an online course assessing and utilizing the clients strengths and resources.
  • Resources for Success
    1.) Professional Practice Forms
    2.) Client Assessment Forms
    3.) Sample Scripts
You can also join our online forum and interact with other who have taken this course or have taken this course, and ask questions and get feedback from other students! We have hundreds of active and successful students online, ready to help you apply what you learn!

All of these resources will be provided to you online, on our resource learning webpage.


  • Keys to the Mind: Learn How to Hypnotize Anyone and Practice Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Correctly.
    by Richard K. Nongard, LMFT/CCH and Nathan Thomas.
This textbook has many positive reviews on Amazon and you will get the e-version in a .pdf form in our online learning center.    You will have instant access to this textbook as soon as you register, and can begin your studies NOW!

The 7 training DVDs are packed with easy-to-follow instruction, numerous real-life examples and demonstrations, and practical assignments for learning to perfect your techniques.

The sample scripts, resources and forms provide a comprehensive set of tools for the hypnotic process - how and why it works, terms, definitions, explanations and more.

The Book, "Keys to the Mind" offers actual transcripts from live hypnosis sessions, so you have the induction script to study, and then discusses the development of the suggestions, why specific language was used, and more.

The Sample Audio .mp3 offers a complete hypnosis, which you can study to better understand the suggestive therapy hypnotic process, to improve your success with clients.

The online .pdf assessment course provides a simple, effective Assessment Tool for use with your clients. The NSRI, or Nongard Strengths and Resources Inventory, helps you to assess your client's strengths, weaknesses, social supports, personality attributes and more, which can be helpful for targeting prescriptive therapeutic suggestions and monitoring progress.

Save Money and Purchase the ICBCH Combined Basic + Advanced Hypnosis Certification Homestudy Programs Together!

This package contains BOTH the 24-hour Basic and the 30-hour Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Programs. You save $69 by ordering them together!Materials for both programs will be shipped together. You will complete the 24-hour program and earn basic certification, and then complete the 30-hour program for the advanced certification designation. Click Here for More Information and to Register...

Sample Video



Richard K. Nongard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. Richard has trained in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in Canada, Germany and the US, and has instructed other mental and behavioral health care professionals around the world on how to better help their clients, for over 20 years. He is a frequent speaker on Professional Ethics at the European Branch of the American Counseling Association (EB-ACA), and has taught hypnotherapy skills at the ACA (American Counseling Association)'s annual convention in Hawaii. You will enjoy Richard's light-hearted, dynamic educational style, which helps facilitate functional understanding and practical application of concepts and skills learning.


  • Once you order a homestudy certification program, you will be sent all course study materials, via US Post Office shipping.
  • These homestudy hypnosis certification programs are self-paced. Most people can easily finish the requirements in under a week, but if obligations keep you away from your studies, you can feel free to take all the time you need to complete the program.
  • In addition to the course materials, you will also receive the Evaluation of Learning form.  This is the exam that you must pass in order to earn your certification (and CEUs, if applicable).
    • The 24-hour program exam is entirely True/False, but it is quite comprehensive and covers every aspect of the learning materials.
    • The 30-hour program exam is comprised of both True/False questions and brief essay questions, designed to help you demonstrate what you have learned.
    • You must score at least 80% in order to pass and receive Certification. Most people who study the material carefully have no trouble passing the first time. Should you not pass, we will notify you, and you will have another chance to take the exam, without cost.
  • You will also receive the Application for Certification that you must complete and return to us. This form discusses your education and training experience and helps determine your Certification credentialing level.
  • All course materials are yours to keep for your professional library.
  • Once you return and we receive your completed documentation, grade your Evaluation of Learning exam and review your Application for Certification, we will award your Certification credentials and send you a Certificate of Achievement (suitable for framing) as well as your ICBCH Membership Certificate (also suitable for framing.) If you qualify for CEU credits, we will also send those Certificates.
  • If you ever have any questions about the coursework, feel free to contact our office via email or by phone at (918) 236-2116 


Click Here to read student comments from Richard Nongard's ICBCH Approved live and homestudy clinical hypnosis certification programs.

Can a person really learn to use clinical hypnosis in one weekend, or with a homestudy certification course?

YES!  If you are already skilled in therapy and counseling or other helping and healing professions, you don't need a comprehensive class to teach you the foundations of the therapeutic relationship, empathy, or interviewing skills, as these are skills you already possess.  In fact, you also already possess the skills needed to induce hypnosis - because hypnosis is a natural phenomena, not a mystical state of altered consciousness.

Therefore, it is entirely possible to complete a live 2 or 3-day course or the 20-hour homestudy program on the technical aspects of hypnosis, and then begin using hypnosis with your clients.

Hypnosis, like any other modality of method of helping people, is an ongoing educational process. This program is a starting point, one that will prepare you to embark on a new journey in healing, and a journey that will without a doubt include many experiential and educational opportunities in the future.
Even though this class is a starting point, you will achieve the ability to actually hypnotize people and implement hypnosis into helping clients live life to the fullest potential possible.

These intensive, accelerated classes are based on the principles of effective learning and provide a great deal of knowledge in a short period of time.

Is your ICBCH approved multi-media homestudy course as good as a live training seminar?

YES!  Our homestudy course presumes that you already have an understanding of the therapeutic process, and it teaches the techniques of hypnotherapy didactically and through demonstration. One benefit of a homestudy hypnosis school course is that you get to keep the multi-media materials for your personal library to review over and over, at your own pace. Of course, live trainings are unique and provide a forum for hands-on practice with fellow students, but both methods of learning are beneficial. One therapist we know in Texas completed our homestudy course, and within a only few months reported that she was now doing 75% hypnotherapy and building an all-cash practice with very positive feedback from her clients.  We provide the practical knowledge and skills training to actually do hypnosis, not just a theoretical framework.

Does one need a special license or certification to do hypnosis?

In most states the answer is no.  If you are a state or nationally licensed or certified mental health professional, you are already licensed to use modalities of treatment for health and wellness, and hypnosis is a traditional method of helping, accepted by the ACA and the APA. 

Florida is the only state we know of that requires licensed/certified professionals to complete a minimum of 50-hours of Board approved coursework to practice hypnotherapy, and Indiana is the only state we know of that licenses hypnotists. 

It is true that in most states individuals without licensure can practice hypnosis, however our courses are primarily designed for those with a counseling, social work, medical or other professional helping industry background.  

Do you certify those who are not mental health professionals?

Yes. Many unlicensed professionals use hypnosis for non-medical purposes and some hold unique expertise in their field that makes them more qualified to use hypnosis for certain applications than a therapist. 

One example comes from the fitness field: Personal fitness trainers and coaches know their clients and utilize strategies to assist them with personal health-related goals or in competitive situations. They are not doing therapy, but they are helping people, and they should have access to clinically solid training. More examples: Golf pros use the skills of hypnosis to assist players in developing focus and concentration. Massage therapists use hypnosis to help their clients achieve greater relaxation and physical healing. Teachers and educational consultants may use hypnosis to help their clients relax and prepare for exams and improve memory recall during important testing situations.

Furthermore, we recognize that when people who are interested in hypnosis are not allowed access to quality programs, they will find programs that are less than quality to teach them what they want to know.

ICBCH Hypnotherapy Board - Clinical Hypnosis Certification ProgramsWhat is the ICBCH?

The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy is a professional association that recognizes and hypnosis certification programs. It was created to set standards of excellence, and to promote clinical hypnotherapy and related fields of social science. Its broadest goals are to insure quality training opportunities and help enhance the standing of clinical hypnotherapy. Its narrower focus is to assist individuals and organizations in being recognized for achieving a level of quality within the field of hypnotherapy. The ICBCH certified professional is governed by a professional Code of Ethics.

For a complete list of approvals see   CEU hours are awarded by Peachtree Professional Education, inc.

*Figures are cited as examples only, success will depend on your own business skills, and application of the materials.  We will support your learning, and teach you what we have learned to create success.  You are ultimatly resposible for your own success.