Are there too many hypnosis conferences?

Just this week, two more well-funded hypnosis conferences popped up! Hypnothoughts Platinum and the HypnoBiz Europe conference were announced by organizers. As a conference organizer, who organized his first mental health conference over 20 years ago, it is sometimes easy to fall into the scarcity mind-trap that there are too many hypnosis conferences when in reality, there are not enough!

Even though I, like others, have bought into the scarcity mentality at times that believes the myth that there are too many conferences, the fact is each one of these conferences has contributed to the explosive popularity and professionalism of hypnosis. Each existing conference does something remarkable – they continue to attract new people to the profession. At every conference I attend there are numerous newcommers attending thier first conference.

ACHE, NGH, IMDHA, IHF, ICBCH and other organizations continue to certify a new generation of hypnotists and plug them into a professional community with these conferences. I have been to almost every big conference in the last 20 years. Each of them, both old and new, continue to improve – with better quality speakers and new ideas.

Yes, I was surprised by Hypnothoughts Platinum being announced just two weeks after the upcoming ICBCH/HPTI Winter HypnoConference. And at first, I fell into that some old mind trap of scarcity thinking that thought, what if there are not enough people to register for both events? HTL Platinum will do exactly what other conferences do – provide a forum for educating skilled hypnotists in advanced techniques and exposing those new to the profession to high quality education and giving them the tools to be a part of a growing community.

I have been a supporter of not only our own the ICBCH/HPTI conference, but many others. I am the Keynote speaker at the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference in October of this year. I will be at the 2020 Heartland Hypnosis Conference in St. Louis. I will be at Hypnothoughts Platinum and I might even turn up in my third favorite City, Amsterdam and attend HypnoBiz Europe as a participant.

The ICBCH/HPTI Winter HypnoConference in February of 2020 is the 4th year we will have held an ICBCH conference. It is different than the rest. It’s a Monday-Wednesday event, it caters to practitioners who are doing the work of professional hypnosis, or newcomers who want to help others with professional hypnosis. Every other conference also has its niche and unique value to the community. Because of this, I encourage everyone to attend a conference – our conference, the smaller regional conferences, or the big events like Hypnothoughts,  or the organizational events like the NGH, IHF, ACHE, ICBCH convention or IMDHA.

The best part of all these conferences? I am seeing conferences with many speakers I do not recognize the names of. That means new thoughts, and new leaders are emerging, and they are teaching new skills. The vast majority of people speaking at these conferences today are not the same people that were speaking 10 years ago. And with the influx of new speakers, only those who truly have something of value are lasting as speakers for more than a few years.

There are seven billion people on the planet earth. There is enough hypnosis for all of us. There are enough participants for all of us, and if we set aside personal politics and look at the profession, we can see it is growing every year. When conventions stop attracting new people, and attendance overall starts going down – that is when there are too many conventions or conferences.

Although what I have written about focuses on conferences, I sometimes hear people say, “Oh, a new trainer is in my area and now there are a bunch of new hypnotists cutting into my business!”  This thought comes from the same scarcity mindset. This mind trap is easy to fall into and is difficult to overcome. I have been guilty of it. But there is a reason Target is across from Wal-Mart and kitty corner to the discount mall. They actually strengthen each other. In my office building alone there are at least 10 different licensed mental health professionals treating mental illness. In my city, there are probaly thousands of social workers, psychologists, and mental health counselors. But there are less than a dozen professional practicing hypnotists in my city of 2 million people. If we had 100 or 1000 more pop up overnight, it would not harm any of our businesses. It would do the exact same thing hypnosis conferences are doing – creating awareness of hypnosis and strengthening our profession.

I am grateful for the old stalwarts like NGH, IMDHA, IHF, ICBCH, and ACHE for hosting conferences each year. And I welcome the newcomers, like HypnoBiz which has branched out to other countries, and even a women’s conference, and HTL Platinum that seeks to create a unique niche because of their explosive growth in the past 8 years.  I am looking forward to the participating in the 2020 Heartland Hypnosis Conference, the upcoming Mid-America Conference, and next year’s Hypnothoughts Live in addition to our own conference in February.

I promise I will take my own advice. And I hope you take my advice too:  Stop worrying about there being too many when the reality is there are not enough. Pick a conference (or two or three) to attend this year, and be a part of a growing and dynamic profession that has room for all of us.

The best part? The friendships and professional peers you meet with strengthen your own practice and help you achieve all your dreams and you will be helping to spread the word to an even greater number of people about the power of hypnosis to change lives.

(You can get the early-bird rate at the February 2020 Winter HypnoConference sponsored by ICBCH and HPTI right here.)

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