Adapting Corporate Entertainment for the Economy with Street Trance

by Richard Nongard

There's a saying that when the economy goes south, entertainment dollars go north - meaning that spending on entertainment avenues rises. When people are sad, stressed or frustrated, they like to laugh and escape to feel better – and what better way to do that than with a comedy hypnosis show?

However, some clients may not be willing or able to spend as much for a show as they have in times past, so what is a professional stage hypnotist to do?

Get creative and adapt. Add greater value to your product.

THINK: How are corporations willing and able to spend their dollars these days?

With medical insurance payments so high, preventative care is on the rise. Now more than ever businesses are willing to help their employees quit smoking, lose weight and generally feel better, so they are both more healthy and more productive at work.

So perhaps the corporate budget simply cannot afford (or justify) $2500 on a one-time 2-hour formal stage show event this year. However, perhaps they would be willing to spend $750-1500 speaker fee for an hour-long “street trance” type educational entertainment seminar, demonstrating the power of hypnosis for affecting change, thus leading to paying you $150 or even $300 per staff member to help them quit smoking or lose weight or improve concentration.

Street Trance Hypnosis Clinical Entertainment Demonstrations

Test-taking fears are common, and hypnosis is one of the best tools available to help relieve anxiety and improve memory recall – it's a perfect match. Real Estate schools, computer training companies, and colleges all produce potential clinical clients – that you can reach via educational entertainment.

Hunt down coaches. Sports professionals understand the benefits of using hypnosis for skill enhancement – to aid focus, overcome 'performance anxiety' and manage pain – and players are willing to pay for help that gets results.

Contact local opportunities such as these via mail, email or phone, and suggest that they bring you in as a “guest speaker” at their next meeting to demonstrate the fun, safe and amazing benefits of hypnosis.

Be prepared. When you get there, introduce yourself and do an expanded pre-talk with some ice-breaking hypnotic convincers, like “L and Circle” or “Hands Stuck Together.” These folks are there to learn on top of being entertained, so you will want to do a little more explaining about how hypnosis works and what it can help them accomplish than you would at a regular stage hypnosis show.

And then, do some “Speed Trance” rapid induction demonstrations: Hypnotize one or two people instantly, and do a few mini (5-10 minute) stage shows. Show how hypnotic suggestions can make a person can 'feel cold' or 'interpret Martian language' or even experience 'hypnotic amnesia' and forget their name or the number 2. And then end each session with a clinical hypnosis suggestion, such as feeling like they just had a 9 hour nap or a 3 hour massage.

For purposes of marketing qualified clinical clients, these mini pseudo-stage performances are solid convincers that hypnosis really does work. Just take care not to remain professional and not embarrass anyone with the skits you choose – these are business clients, not comedy club patrons.

End the end, you have perhaps received a little less pay for a shorter stage hypnosis show, but you have played to a specific, targeted audience and received free advertising for a clinical practice with multiple potential clients who are most certainly in need of your services. And that's a pretty good deal.

Street Trance Hypnosis Training Course Resources

If you are not familiar with 'street trance' performance practices, which are a little different than traditional stage hypnosis performances, a great way to learn is to pick up the instructional 4 DVD set from Hypnosis Gurus Richard Nongard and John Cerbone. You can learn at home on your own time, and review the videos as often as you like until you feel comfortable with the process. Most experienced hypnotists are able to begin 'speed trancing' almost immediately.

“Speed Trance: Instant Hypnotic Inductions” will teach you how to hypnotize anyone instantly – yes, in a matter of mere seconds. “Street Trance: How to Do Impromptu Hypnosis Anytime, Anywhere” expands on Speed Trance by offering even more inductions and demonstrations of mini-show examples in a variety of settings.

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