44 Ways to Market Your Hypnosis Practice

“I build a new webpage last month but I have no calls yet!” It is true that a brilliant new webpage will attract clients if you have good SEO and offer products and services people want to purchase. And a new website is probably you best ROI for a new practice.  But you also need to get traffic to your new website.

This cannot be done by sitting in front of the computer, posting you link on a few Facebook posts and then hoping for the best. You have to drive traffic to your website using the tried and true marketing techniques of advertising and relationship building. The more people you tell about your website, the more people will go there.

My favorite response to anyone who wonders why they are not getting calls, is to ask if they have created a very nice professional flyer (not a tri-fold brochure). And then, have you had 5000 of them printed on high quality glossy paper? And then, have you taken the flyer and your business card to every single office in your building and said the following: “I am (insert name here) and my office is in this building. I am a hypnotherapist.  I wanted to let you know I was here and what I do, and also find out a little bit about your business. Do you have some brochures or flyers about your services?”

After you do this with every business in your building, go to every business in the buildings next to yours, saying the same thing. And then the go to every business and building in the block. And keep expanding until all 5000 flyers have been distributed.

Yes, this is real work, and yes this is old school.  But yes, it will drive referrals and traffic to your website.

I have had tremendous results with radio ads, and still run print ads because they continue to drive traffic.

If you are not getting the results you want, realize that like any other business you must drive traffic through marketing, advertising and getting the word out.

If you still aren’t getting results, evaluate your services. Are you offering what people really want? Are you packaging your services to solve specific problems and offer solutions?les” section on the left.)

Here are 44 Ways to Market a Hypnosis Private Practice

Questions about how to build a private practice are among those questions I get the most.  Here are some ideas, each of them from my own experiences!   Comment below on which ones have been helpful to you!

1.)      Buy radio ads, and negotiate the rates.  They are cheap IF you are a good negotiator.

2.)     Buy classified ads and run them week after week. Buy in the weekly newspaper, not the daily newspaper.

3.)    Create a niche and cater to this niche, going to local meet-ups and participating in Facebook groups in your area that focus on this niche.

4.)    Get a folding sandwich sign for the road by your office.   Put it up each day.

5.)    Get a business card with your picture.  People respond better to them

6.)    Create a good webpage, with a geographic domainnd scroll to the “fi


7.)    Learn the keywords people search for, use them on your webpage titles.

8.)    Ask you personal physician for referrals.   You already have a relationship.

9.)    Join a gym, become a model for your clients.   You will meet people there trying to make a change, give them your card

10.) Make a really nice brochure- and the key is, pass them out. Hire a graphic designer to make your brochure looks wonderful, or use my templates.

11.) Buy an ad in small local papers selling ONE service

12.) Ask friends to recommend your service to others

13.) Create a topical  group on Facebook and offer advice and information

14.)   Start offering services online so you can get clients worldwide

15.)   Join a local small business network and actually go to meetings

16.) Join the chamber of commerce and actually go to meetings

17.) Go to all the offices near yours and give them a couple flyers and brochures and introduce yourself as their “neighbor”

18.) Contact Groupon or LivingSocial and run a promotion

19.) Rent a billboard.   Never put more than 9 words and a phone number.

20.) Use meetup and create a weekly group

21.) Join other groups in your area related to hypnosis, and become a patron of those businesses.   Like the nearby yoga studio for example.

22.) Write local press releases about your service.

23.) Contact the local TV station lifestyle news editor.  Tell them you are free for an interview.

24.) Put a professional sign or wrap your car

25.) Create a newsletter

26.) Ask old clients for referrals, its easier to get clients from an existing pool of clients

27.) Give away free CDs that have your contact on it

28.) List yourself in google and Bing “places”

29.) Call local community organizations, volunteer to speak.

30.) Volunteer or join a board for local community organizations

31.) Invest in a professional office and furnishings

32.) Buy books and read them, related to consulting and business development

33.) Make a blog with useful info.  Keyword it to your geography

34.) Create coupons and give them to your hairdresser (tip well)

35.) Tip waiters well, and leave your card.

36.) Do a postcard bulk mailing for the addresses near your business

37.) Use advertising packs that come in the mail with other local businesses

38.) Sponsor school activities and get your sign on the court or field

39.) Sponsor local sports teams

40.) Cross promote with other businesses.   You market my clients, I’ll market yours.

41.) Buy bus bench ads

42.) Become a member of a church or other place of worship and teach a class

43.) Cold call other business professionals who might refer to you – DO IT!

44.) You do business at other businesses.   Tell them what it is you do, and tell them to tell the employees what you do. Never leave the dry cleaners, convenience store, mail stop, without also leaving your card.

(You can find brochure templates in our Facebook group at www.ICBCHGroup.com a

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