3 Proven Techniques for Pre-surgical Hypnosis: Recovering Faster & Reducing Complication

This article has footnotes, because the research actually shows when clients learn basic hypnotic strategies prior to surgery, they can heal faster, reduce complications and feel better faster. The benefits of hypnotic using hypnotic techniques prior to surgery include decreased anxiety, improved blood flow, and greater energy. When a person goes into surgery feeling stronger, it promotes rapid healing.

Do you get medical referrals for doctors? I do. And my number one selling point to gain physician referrals is my promise to help clients prepare for surgery. I have gotten referrals from oncologists treating cancer patients, ENT’s doing facial reconstruction, and orthopedic surgeons who work with patients who want less downtime and better outcomes. The clients who come to me are happy to learn that simple techniques have profound results, and the doctors love when their patients come back to them reporting hypnosis was really helpful.

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Watch the video to the left. It is a full 20 minute training resource I provide to medical patients. In it, I teach three techniques that every hypnotist will recognize as hypnotic techniques. And the results are profound.

They give medical patients a way to instantly control anxiety, but more importantly to practice therapeutic relaxation, autogenic training and creative visualization. If you are a hypnotist, study the language I use in this video and create pre-surgical sessions that generate physician referrals. And of course, if you are a medical patient, about to undergo surgery, you will find the teachings in this video will change everything – and change everything for the better!

I said I would provide citations. I think is is important that the methods we use, especially when asking for physician referrals, are methods with research backing the results. Hypnosis is not a complimentary and alternative therapy – it is a proven first line intervention.

Autogenic Training was a “powerful” therapy in early stage cancer patients 
Hidderley, M., & Holt, M. (2004). A pilot randomized trial assessing the effects of autogenic training in early stage cancer patients in relation to psychological status and immune system responses. European Journal of Oncology Nursing, 8(1), 61-65. doi:10.1016/j.ejon.2003.09.003

Surgical Wounds Healed Faster with Hypnotic Visualization Technqiues
Broadbent, E., Kahokehr, A., Booth, R. J., Thomas, J., Windsor, J. A., Buchanan, C. M., . . . Hill, A. G. (2012). A brief relaxation intervention reduces stress and improves surgical wound healing response: A randomised trial. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, 26(2), 212-217. doi:10.1016/j.bbi.2011.06.014

ACL Knee Surgery:  the group that practiced imagery showed greater improvements in knee stability and reduced levels of stress hormones. The study authors speculate that imagery may speed recovery by reducing stress, which has been shown to interfere with healing.
Maddison, H. Prapavessis, M. Clatworthy, C. Hall, L. Foley, T. Harper, D. Cupal and B. Brewer. (2012) Guided imagery to improve functional outcomes post-anterior cruciate ligament repair: randomized-controlled pilot trial (pages 816–821). Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports.

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