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"The crown jewel is the SuccessFit Trance-formation course. It is going to offer a great deal of positive change, both for my clients and for my own life as well. I am looking forward to the weeks and months ahead and all the benefits I'm sure it will bring. Bravo!  Jean C."

Obesogens in food create food addiction but, you can break this cycle of reward/restriction right now, and lose as much weight as your body needs while enjoying healthy and great tasting food!

You will learn how too cook and prepare the foods you are hypnotized to eat with our 90 minute cooking healthy DVD.

(Therapists who invest in this 4-disc SuccesFit Trance-formation program will earn 5 CEU Credits – and have the tools needed to help your clients achieve a healthy weight, naturally.)

This 90 Minute teaching DVD will show you exactly how the food pyramid will make you fat, and how you can easily adapt a new lifestyle of eating without cutting out the foods you love to eat. That's right...you won't have to give up juicy and delicious meats, filling breads or even the almighty dessert!

4 Complete Audio Hypnosis sessions  on 2-CDs will reprogram your subconscious mind to break your addiction to obesogens and allow you to live your life to the fullest.  The hypnosis sessions also reinforce healthy choices, promote development of new habits and enjoyable exercise or daily activity.

The SuccessFit Kitchen DVD -  14 easy to create, mouth watering recipes for delicious and finger licking food, all made right before your eyes by Richard Nongard. You don't have to know how to cook like Emeril Lagasse to take things up a notch in the kitchen as Richard will show you step-by-step how to prepare each of these easy recipes from the comfort of your home, all shown on video.

Watch this introductory sample video Now!



If you are currently overweight and ready to make a change today, right now is the start of you taking back control of your life. The reason a lot of people fail with losing weight is that they try and see the entire picture before even getting started.

Take a breath and stop thinking about the big picture. Don't think about next year, next month or even tomorrow. Just take that first step, right now and figure out the rest as we travel that road...together.


The SuccessFit Trance-formation Program gives you the information you need to succeed - and provides the knowledge that so many other so called weight loss programs "forget" to include. This program was created so that you won't become one of the 95% who gain ALL the weight back that they lost while they were dieting. When you take the time to invest in yourself by ordering  SuccessFit you'll have a trance-formation that is truly life changing!

Guess what?? Diets don't work! Big surprise, huh?

Take a moment and think about someone you may have known or know today who dieted. Did it work for them? Did they keep the weight off? Did they struggle with having to eat foods they hated? Did they suffer massive hunger pains? Maybe you are thinking of your own past attempts at weight loss?!

All a diet does is put you through a lot of wasted time, effort and pain in the long run. Taking away life's pleasures isn't the answer. In the end people who eat less of a bad thing simply die more slowly of dietary diseases.

If you are dieting right now, you could be inviting the grim reaper to stay in your life.

Research shows a high-nutrient eating plan actually reverses dietary related diseases, and these could include hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Diets are just another way the system keeps you addicted, because the moment you stop the diet the weight comes back - because eating food was never the problem. The problem is the combination of a lack of knowledge and habits.  SuccessFit provides you the solution.

Obesity can be stopped dead in its tracks...right now! The SuccessFit program will provide you all the tools you need to stop dieting, eat naturally - and take back your life!

For Hypnotherapists:

Ask yourself this question: Do you want to be a hypnotherapist who gives your clients what they want, or do you want to be a hypnotherapist who gives your clients what they need?

SuccessFit provides you the tools to expand your current skillset and make sure each client who comes to you gets results which will change their life forever.

Imagine the amount of referrals your happy clients will send your way ... $$$$!

Hypnotists who know how to use these advanced techniques to break the cycle of food addiction are therapists who move beyond dieting and move on to providing truly helpful interventions.

Overweight and Obese Clients:

The SuccessFit Trance formation Program is a step-by-step system that will show you how to break your food addictions, drop massive pounds, restore your health, and reverse dietary disease.

No seminars, no classes - just you, Richard Nongard, and the comfort of your home.

You can lose weight - and keep it off forever - without dieting! You won't end up as one of the 95% who put all the weight back on and this program will teach you how. Imagine a brand new future where you are able to enjoy every moment of life, fully and complete. It's not a dream... it's your future!

Forget what all the movies have put in your head. Hypnosis isn't some mind control tool.

Hypnosis is first and foremost a very powerful teaching tool that can help you break those self-defeating patterns you have running inside of your mind. You will discover how you can increase your activity and eat healthy without starving yourself or giving up many of the foods you love.

Obesity is more then just being overweight. It's a major factor in depression, anxiety and self-defeating life patterns. If you're not healthy physically, then you're not healthy emotionally.

The mind and the body are connected.

So by changing yourself physically you will be transforming yourself emotionally as well. Successfit will provide you with the tools to manage the many hidden stresses of food addiction and obesity.

You can reverse dietary diseases right now just by making a few very simple changes in the way you eat.

Losing weight doesn't have to be hard.

You can enjoy losing weight. You can enjoy life and most importantly...you can take control of your life right now. Let Certified Hypnotherapist and Licensed Fitness Expert Richard Nongard show you another way which, if you let it, could change your entire world.

90 Minute Step-by-Step instructional DVD teaching what science says works!

** 4 Complete hypnosis audio sessions focusing on breaking addiction to obesogens, and restoring health

** Discover the 5 skills of mindful eating

** Implement strategies that promote lifelong health

Don't let death sneak up on you....

Diets are dangerous and can kill you! Simply eating less of the unhealthy foods we typically eat does nothing more then delay a date with the grim reaper.

You have two choices - Continue living a life with obesity or create a new life without obesity where you can enjoy life, have almost unlimited amounts of energy and still enjoy the foods that make you happy.  

Transformation is possible and Richard Nongard will show you how!

Overcome the biggest block to failure - not knowing how to prepare healthy and tasty foods. Richard is as talented as a chef as he is a therapist, and the BONUS DVD includes Richard teaching you how to cook and prepare over 14 healthy recipes - including desert - all demonstrated on video! This video includes breakfast dishes, lunch solutions, healthy but delicious easy to prepare snacks, dinners and side dishes, and scrumptious desert.

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SuccessFit Trance-formation Weight Loss Program

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The SuccessFit Trance-formation program will teach you how to cook the foods you are hypnotized to eat! You will break the cycle of addiction to obesegens, and learn to adapt a delicious and healthy lifestyle promoting ideal weight and maximum health. 2 DVD's and 2 CD's guide you through this transformation to healing and health.

SuccessFit Kitchen DVD - 14 Healthy Recipies (Single DVD Only)
90 Minute Success Fit Recipe DVD –  Fourteen awesome and delicious easy to prepare foods all demonstrated on DVD.  One of the... More

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