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Step-by-Step Guide for using Hypnosis to Enhance Sexual Satisfaction and Performance (3 Hours of Video Learning)

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A Step-by-Step Guide for using Hypnosis to

Enhance Sexual Satisfaction and Performance

with Richard Nongard, LMFT

Perhaps no issue creates as much discomfort in the hypnotherapy community as the idea or “erotic hypnosis”. Some fear offering training in this area will bring unflattering attention to hypnosis. In reality, according to the research, hypnosis is an effective tool for enhancing sexual performance and enhancing satisfaction. Individuals and couple who learn the basic skills of hypnosis get in touch with the many varied facets of sexual performance and can often connect with a part of them that until they used hypnotic techniques, seemed to be something they would never experience.

Let’s talk fact here: In 7th grade science we were taught the major systems of the body: Muscular System, Skeletal system, Nervous System , Digestive System, respiratory system, excretory system, circulatory system and the reproductive system. And so anyone with a 7th grade science education knows, that whether we are having sex or not, and whether we are enjoying sex or not one-eighth of who we are is sexual in nature. To deny the importance of professionally addressing this area, is to do a disservice to both hypnosis as a profession and the many clients we work with who can benefit from what we teach.

And so, this is a subject the professional hypnotist must be skilled in addressing, and have a foundation for creating ethical interventions and using techniques of hypnosis based on outcome results. Richard Nongard, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an experienced clinician who has worked with both couples and individuals to help them develop a more effective sex life. The strategies and interventions you learn, will be founded on a model of professional ethics for the professional hypnotist. You will not be learning “hypnotic party tricks” rather, you will learn:

  1. How to assess client performance and sexual satisfaction
  2. How to comfortably talk with clients about sexual concerns
  3. How to structure hypnotic suggestion for a variety of performance related difficulties that both men and women experience.
  4. You will learn how to teach individuals hypnotic techniques for stronger and more pleasurable orgasm - some of these clients will experience orgasm for the first time in life, using hypnosis!
  5. You will learn how teaching couples a simple NLP communication strategy, they can eliminate many relationship difficulties, including sexual difficulties
  6. You will learn how to ethically provide hypnotherapy as a teacher, not as a participant; you will learn ethical boundaries and how to provide services as a professional.
  7. You will learn how to recognize your own issues, and find solutions that empower you in your own life.
  8. How to move clients in a safe relationship to the present, rather than reliving the sexual trauma of the past.
  9. You will learn techniques that solve the problems of pain in sex, lack of interest, difficulty with response and obsessions with sexual fantasy. You will learn techniques for men, women and couples.

This workshop is NOT for everyone. This workshop is for professionals working within an ethical framework, and within the context of professional services within the proper scope of practice. This workshop does not teach experiential methods of hypnosis that transgress ethical boundaries, but rather, techniques professionals may use with couples and individuals in the context of hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool. And the research shows it is a preferred modality for treating sexual dysfunction, sexual difficulties and sexual problems. The research also shows, that individuals and couples with unsatisfactory sexual experiences manifest problems in other important areas of life.

Sex is natural, sex is fun, and hypnosis a tool that can be used to teach clients how to enhance desired outcomes, reducing relationship stress, feelings of failure and inadequacy and promoting a well-balanced experience with sex, even if in the past sexual trauma or unpleasantness associated with sex were the norm.

Richard Nongard, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Professional Hypnotist. At the conclusion of this pre-recorded presentation, there will be an open period where you can ask questions and get answers in a traditional webinar format.

CEU Hours are available to those who need them in Social Work, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Nursing, Counseling and for addiction professionals. Video-On-Demand will be made available the day following each webcast.

There are no refunds for webinars. If you are unable to attend any nights, a high quality online video will be provided to you of the course content (but not the live chat or question and answer). This webinar assumes participants have basic skills in doing professional hypnosis, and is not a course for those with no background in clinical hypnosis. You should already have basic hypnosis certification training through a recognized agency before taking this class.

After registering, a PDF download will be available to you which will include access instructions to the the video archive.

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