Nongard's Learn Hypnosis Inductions & Deepeners 3-Disk DVD Set

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Special 3-DVD Hypnosis Training Set


  1. How to Hypnotize Anyone by Richard Nongard
  2. Inductions that Work (Vol. 1)
  3. Inductions and Deepeners (Vol. 2)

DVD 1 Contents:

In just two hours you will be able to hypnotize anyone!

This powerful DVD teaches you EXACTLY what you need to know to do hypnosis, induce trance, and help anyone begin to experience the power of hypnosis for health, confidence or prosperity.

Use these techniques to improve your life through self-hypnosis, or begin hypnotizing others and help them benefit from the science of clinical hypnosis. 

You will learn:
The right words to use to induce trance * How to do a complete induction * Myths about hypnosis that you must overcome to be successful * A model of hypnosis that works * How to bring someone out of trance safely and know the risks of hypnosis * How to do self-hypnosis * How to hypnotize other people

DVD 2 Contents:

Inductions that Work (Vol. 1)

Learn powerful induction strategies to facilitate hypnosis!

This is an essential learning tool and will increase your skills in clinical hypnosis, group hypnosis, and even for just showing the power of hypnosis to friends and family!

Demonstrations and Explanations include:
How hypnosis works * How to choose the right induction * Progressive Muscle Relaxation Induction * Milton Erickson, M.D. Induction * Reverse Arm-Levitation Induction * Awareness Induction * Confusion Induction * Rapid Induction Strategies * Hypnotic language: what words to use or avoid if you want success * Everything you need to know to make induction into trance easy * How to combine inductions for real success.

DVD 3 Contents:

Inductions and Deepeners (Vol. 2)

Master hypnotic inductions and deepeners for use with both children and adults! 

Methods for inducing and deepening hypnotic trance resulting in profound hypnotic phenomena and experience are explained. 

You will love the final demonstration of "backwards hypnosis" - hypnotize a person with their eyes open and take them to a "higher" level of hypnosis that speaks to their "superconscious" mind! 

Demonstrations and Explanations include:

Teddy Bear Induction (Child) * Silver Dollar Induction (Child) * Classic Dave Elman Induction * Fractionation as Induction * Staircase Deepener * Candelabra Deepener * Fractionation Deepeners * Elman Count Deepener * Backwards Hypnosis Demonstration

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