Nongard's Hypnotic Inductions and Deepeners (Vol 2) DVD

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Price: $39.95

Richard Nongard's
"Inductions and Deepeners" (Volume 2)
2 Hour Instructional DVD = $39.95

This video presentation demonstrates and discusses powerful hypnotic inductions for use with both children and adults. Methods for deepening hypnotic trance resulting in profound hypnotic phenomena and experience are explained.

You will love the final demonstration of "backwards hypnosis" ~ hypnotize a person with their eyes open and take them to a "higher" level of hypnosis that speaks to their "super-conscious" mind!

This two-hour DVD demonstrates hypnotic sessions and explains:

  • Teddy Bear Induction (Child)
  • Silver Dollar Induction (Child)
  • Classic Dave Elman Induction
  • Fractionation as Induction
  • Staircase Deepener
  • Candelabra Deepener
  • Fractionation Deepeners
  • Elman Count Deepener
  • Backwards Hypnosis Demonstration

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