NLP and Life Coach Certification

Earn Your Certification through the ICBCH and Join the Many Professionals Who Are Working as Professional Life Coaches and NLP Practitioners.

Our Training Courses are approved by the The Center for Credentialing & Education and meet the requirements for the Board Certified Coaching credential.  Provider:  Peachtree Professional Education, Inc.

ICBCH Professional NLP Life-Coach Certification - 100% ONLINE Video On Demand

CODE: PPVLifeCoach

$595.00   $465.00
Save money by ordering the video-on-demand version. You can begin your certification TODAY by accessing all 8 of these video lectures while you await your... More

Complete Professional NLP Practitioner and Life Coaching Certification Training Course

CODE: nlplcctc

$599.00   $495.00
Become a Certified Professional NLP Practitioner - AND a Certified Professional Life Coach - with one comprehensive learning program! Learn conversational hypnosis, professional coaching and therapy, master changework, and be a successful communicator on both a conscious and subconscious level. ICBCH Certification, Richard Nongard instructor.


CODE: nlp3disc

Understanding and Using NLP States and State Change How to Do Effective Hypnotic Induction & Hypnotize People NLP for Personal Empowerment We have... More

NLP Skills for Public Speaking - 2 DVD Set

CODE: dndnlpspeakers

NLP Skills for Public Speaking This 2 disc set with Richard Nongard was filmed at the Firewalking Institute in an introductory course in NLP... More

Schedule Life Coaching Session with Richard Nongard

CODE: lifcoa299

Richard Nongard will meet with you via SKYPE, to help establish goals, learn about the business of private practice, deal with personal issues or blocks to... More

Utilizing NLP States and State Change in Therapy DVD

CODE: nlp-states

Understanding and using NLP States and State Change This one-hour presentation, recorded before a live audience in Dallas Texas at the Firewalking... More

NLP for Personal Empowerment

CODE: hypinductionfire

This DVD was filmed in Dallas at the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education.  In this lecture, NLP master practitioner Richard Nongard teaches... More

How to do Effective Hypnotic Induction and Hypnotize People

CODE: hypinductionfire

This video, filmed at the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education, explains the basic strategy and process of hypnotic induction. By learning the... More

2011 DVD Set - The 2011 ICBCH Dallas Hypnosis Convention


$357.00   $199.00
You may not have been able to attend the 2011 Dallas Hypnosis Convention but you can still hear these great speakers on DVD!  ... More

The Nongard Assessment of Primary Representational Systems FREE Worksheet Download

CODE: naprsfree

The Nongard Assessment of Primary Representational Systems - worksheet - FREE .pdf download. Use the quiz to find out if your client is operating primarily from a visual, auditory or kinesthetic representational system.

Fast Fear and Phobia Cure with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: phobiascript

Overcome fears - fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of insects, anything - recover from trauma, shock, PTSD, anxiety - with the NLP fast phobia cure.

NLP Essentials DVD Set FREE Flipchart Notes Download

CODE: nlpfree

In the NLP Essentials video, Richard writes on a flip chart, and we have turned those notes into an outline, in .pdf format. The notes are free, but you must add them to your cart and check out to receive the link to download them.

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