Learn How to Use Progressive Muscle Relaxation PMR in Therapy and Hypnotic Inductions DVD

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is one of the most effective ways of inducing hypnotic trance, in both entertainment and clinical hypnosis settings. Simple to perform and easy to teach to clients, PMR is a highly beneficial therapeutic tool for facilitating mental and physical change.

In this DVD, clinical hypnotherapist Richard Nongard teaches you the specific PMR protocol established by Edmund Jacobson, M.D., in the early part of the 1920's.  This timeless technique focuses on training clients to master the art of relaxation by learning the difference between tension and relaxation.  Focusing on the same 16 muscle groups as Jacobson, Richard will take you through the complete process of therapeutic progressive muscle relaxation, and explain how to use creative visualization to deepen the relaxation experience, and then demonstrate with a client how it can be used as a hypnotic induction, in both traditional and abbreviated forms, for rapid induction into hypnosis.
This DVD also discusses clinical applications of PMR to assist in pain management, physical withdrawal form nicotine and other drugs of abuse, and management of anxiety, anger and depression. Whether you want a practical guide to PMR for your own needs or to train clients, this DVD will provide you with the skills you need for success.

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