2012 Dallas Hypnosis Convention

2012 Dallas Hypnosis Convention

The 2012 ICBCH Dallas Hypnosis Convention
April 19-22, 2012

Earn up to 25 Hours of approved CEU Credit

Register for one day, two days, three days or all four days

The Official Convention is April 19-21,

with an optional post-convention seminars April 22

The most cost effective way to earn CEU’s and have a great time learning. We have expanded the convention and lowered the cost for 2012. 

$249 Regular Registration Through April 1, 2012

$259  After April 1, 2012

Optional Annual Firewalk and Dinner, April 20, 2012  $29

The Official Convention is April 19-21, with an optional post-convention seminars April 22

Seminars are designed for all skill levels, including those who are practicing traditional counseling and have yet to take hypnotherapy training, and for advanced practitioners with many years of experience.  All are welcome.

This convention is for ICBCH member, and friends of the ICBCH.  You do not need to be certified by the ICBCH to attend, we welcome hypnotherapists from any organization or affiliation.

April 19, 2012  Opening Day:  Medical Hypnotherapy with Michael Ellner and Richard Nongard.   Scott Sandland will speak on dental application of hypnotherapy.

April 20-21, 2012  Convention Seminars:  Featured speakers include William Mitchell, Kweethai Neill, Wil Horton, Roger Moore, Richard Nongard, John Cerbone, and many others.

April 20, 2012  Annual Firewalk Dinner at the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education in Flower Mound, Texas.   $29 per person.  You may bring a spouse or guest who will also pay for dinner.

April 22, 2012:  Post-convention opportunities:   Professional Ethics with Richard Clark and Innovative Approaches to Hypnosis with John Cerbone

Convention will be held at the Holiday Inn DFW South and the adjoining Candlewood Suites Hotel at the same location.   Special room rates area available, ask for the ICBCH room rates.   www.hidfwairport.com  and www.candlewooddfw.com    This location is at 360 & Trinity,  and this location is at the south gate of the DFW airport.  Shuttle provided.

Special rates on American Airlines flying into DFW, your gate is 5 minutes from the hotel.  Use www.AA.com and groupd code:3842BZ for a 5% saving on the already low fares into DFW airport.

Topics and Speakers:

Thursday, April 19:   Medical Hypnotherapy with Michael Ellner, Richard Nongard and Scott Sandland

You will learn how to utilize clinical hypnotherapy with medical clients.  You will learn specific processes and methods of pain control, integration of hypnotherapy into cancer treatment, and you will learn how to apply hypnotic methods in the counseling or medical clients.

The research shows hypnotherapy is an effective intervention for IBS, arthritis, diabetes and surgical recovery.  Over 191 studies confirm, therapists who teach self-hypnosis to clients have three psotive outcomes in medical settings:

1.)    Reduction in medical complication

2.)   Decreased dependency on medication

3.)   Faster recovery times, even from major surgery like heart surgery and orthopedic surgeries.

Come learn form the authors of the book “Functional Pain Control” Michael Ellner and Richard Nongard.    Special gues, Scott Sandland will also speak, focusing on dental applications of clinical hypnotherapy for anxiety control phobia relief and pain control.

Friday, April 20:  Over 15 different educational seminars included in the basic four-day registration fee, which includes all featured events on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the special post-convention seminars on Sunday morning.

Featured Friday Speakers:

Depression Treatment in Hypnotherapy with William Mitchell, M.Div.

High Performance Metal Techniques:   What makes a Winner! with Wil Horton, Psy.D.

Beyond Hypnosis:  Energy Medicine in Hypnotherapy with Kweethai Neill, Ph.D.

Friday Breakout Sessions:

Rev. Larry Thomas

Jay Noblezada, CPH

S.A.F.E. Hypnotherapy with Sid Aker, CPH

John Cleesattle, CPH

William Mitchell, M.Div.

Cathy Husky, LPC

Kevin Cole, CNLP

Dan Kern

Life after Fear with Dave Parke, BCC, CNLP-LC

Friday will have featured presentations and break-out sessions.  This year the conference will be held at both hotels at the same location (Holiday Inn and Candlewood Suites) and will be even bigger and better than our successful 2011 Dallas Hypnosis Convention.

Saturday, April 21:   We have some awesome speakers, including nationally known trainers like Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Roger Moore and Melissa Roth.  These speakers are nationally know authors, trainers and among the most effective clinicians in the country. We are very happy to have Steve G. Jones join us this year, as he is one of the most well known hypnotherapists, and a skilled presenter.

Featured Saturday Speakers:

Helping Students Achieve High Test Scores using Hypnosis with Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.

Mindfulness Hypnotherapy:  Integrating Hypnosis and the Third Wave of Psychotherapy with Richard Nongard, LMFT

Irritable Bowel Syndrome:   Hypnosis in Outcome Based-Treatment with Melissa Roth, CPH

10,000 Hypnotists and 10,000 Lessons with Scott Sandland (Creator of Hypnothoughts)

Hypnotically Enhanced Couples Communication in Counseling with Roger Moore, CPH

The Language of Change for Hypnosis, Coaching and Counseling with Dave Parke, BCC

Two Post-Convention Opportunities included in your registration.

Sunday, April 22

10:00-1:00   Professional Ethics in Hypnotherapy and Counseling with Richard Clark
10:00-1:00   Innovative Approaches to Hypnotherapy with John Cerbone

Five Opportunities for Intensive Hypnotherapy Training

Intensive learning sessions are $39.00 each and can be selected and paid for at the convention. These are optional sessions and you do not have to attend any of these optional sessions.

Conferences are a great opportunity to learn specific skills and hear a variety of speakers.   We have included several optional intensive learning sessions in this years conference to give you a chance to spend time with one expert instructor.    You may choose to attend these events,  for an additional fee of $39.00  each.  You can chose to attend our regular conference events at no additional charge, or chose one or more of these intensive learning opportunities if you would like to.  All of these speakers will also be speaking to the general convention at no additional charge on different topics related to clinical hypnotherapy, counseling and social work.

Friday, April 20, 2012

8:30-Noon   Scott Sandland, Ch.t. – Hypnotherapy with Children and Teens.

Working with adolescents and children in hypnotherapy requires knowledge of specific induction strategies, and methods of structuring suggestion.   It also is an area with its own special rules and ethical considerations.   In this learning seminar Scott Sandland, will share strategies that work to help children and teens understand, utilize and benefit from clinical hypnosis.   This is a real opportunity for those who want to gain skills for working with a fun and exciting patient population.

1:30-5:00  Kweetai Neill, Ph.D. - Open Eye Trance: Hypnosis without formal induction 

Did you know effective trance work can be done in an open-eye state? Clinical hypnosis is presumed to involve formal trance induction, working with alpha consciousness as a client reclines in a relaxed state with eyes closed. But that formal process may intimidate some counselors or scare their clients. Dr. Kweethai’s  mesmerizing workshop shows how to conduct an Intuitive Interview, engaging clients in focused, intensive sessions without formal trance induction. The moment a client enters your space, they are already in trance. Learn how to maximize your environment, demeanor, and professional self to help clients heal. Even the colors within your office space can influence the client’s state of mind. Formal induction is optional; the real magic of trance work begins with the first moment of rapport. Dr. Kweethai will teach specific communication techniques to help you help clients feel safe and excited; ready to evoke the change they desire.

Saturday April 21, 2012

8:30-Noon   Wil Horton, Ph.D.   Using NLP to Treat PTSD 

In an era of natural and man made disaster, there is perhaps no topic more timely than this.   Counselors with skills in  the effective treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, are in high demand.    NLP (Neuro-lingusitic psychology) is a treatment approach that draws on the subconscious relationship of client experience to behavioral expression.   In this course, you will master specific techniques for ending distressing thoughts and images, strategies to change behavior that unhealthy and successful remove the underlying anxiety tension and feelings of feat that often paralyze those with P.T.S.D.

1:30-5:00  Roger Moore "If It’s Not About The Food … Then What?" 

Mental and Emotional Road Blocks to Change

There are countless diets available today and people can lose weight on most any diet.  Few people succeed in attaining their goal and maintaining that goal weight throughout their life.  Even people who have had stomach surgery struggle to keep the weight off and sometimes gain it back.  Diets don’t work and it's not about the food!  If taking the weight off and keeping it off is not about the food then what is it all about? 

"If It’s Not About The Food … Then What? ", Roger Moore will explore six mental and emotional roadblocks that keep people from losing the weight.

  • Commitment:  What are the stages of change?
  • Discomfort:  Food as a drug of choice.
  • Inner Control:  After all of these failures, will I ever be successful?
  • Perfectionism:  Since I’ve eaten the cookie I’ve blown the whole day.
  • Secondary Gain:  This weight is protection?
  • Stress Eating:  Coping with life.

Each of these roadblocks will be explored and methods of working with them will be offered.  Be more successful with your weight loss clients.  Find out how to ascertain your client’s roadblocks and offer them the tools to progress through these barriers so that they may take the weight off and keep it off. 

Roger Moore is the author of Becoming Slender For Life and the director of the Slender For Life™ and has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for over 15 years.

Refund Policy:  There will be no refunds for any reason, including health, weather, politics, transportation or other issues after April 1, 2012.  Refunds before this date, will be in the form of a workshop credit, merchandise from the SubliminalScience.com website or convention DVD set. Convention receives the right to change the speaker schedule and activities at any time, including the day of the convention. Convention reserves the right to substitute speaker or topics at any time without prior notice, including the day of the convention.

There will also be a post-convention ICBCH Basic Hypnotherapy Training Class April 23-24 at F.I.R.E. in Flower Mound.   If you have not taken our basic hypnotherapy training program, this is your chance to enjoy  completing this program at a very convenient time and location.   Richard Nongard will teach this class.  For more information on this class call our office at (800) 390-9536 or check our regular training class schedule.

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