2011 Hypnosis Convention DVDs

You may not have been able to attend the 2011 Dallas Hypnosis Convention

but you can still hear these great speakers on DVD!


Special Guest: Scott Sandland creator of Hypnothoughts.com

Other Featured Speakers:

  • 8:30-8:50: Keynote – Richard Nongard – “The Future of Hypnotherapy”

This dynamic presentation on DVD 

  •  William Mitchell – Your Clients Want the Magic, The Wow, The Hypnotic Phenomena

You will want to get a copy of Willam Mitchell's talk on hypnotic phemomena.  Learn how and why to use hypnotic phenomena to help your sessions be even more effective

  • Richard Nongard – Magic Words in Hypnosis:  Structuring Suggestion

Get this DVD and master hypnotic patter, which is even more effective than traditional scripts

  •  William Mitchell – Unleashing the Psychology and Power of Forgiveness with Hypnotism

This is one of the most important methods of effective intervention!    Watch this DVD and learn to meet your clients deepest needs in hypnosis.


  • John Cerbone – Speed-Trance: Using Instant Induction in Clinical and Crisis Hypnotherapy Sessions

This DVD alone is worth the price of the package.   John Cerbone shares how and why to use speed-trance in clinical hypnosis and will have you learning the basics of the "Cerbone Butterfly" induction.

  •  Nongard and Sandland:  Techniques for Drug and Alcohol treatment using Hypnosis

Learn from two of the most experienced practitioners of hypnosis how to use hypnosis in traditional drug and alcohol treatment.


Get all of these DVD's for only $199

Understanding and Treating Substance Abuse in Counseling and Hypnotherapy
$129.00   $89.00
Save shipping and waiting, order the online version and save $29 here: ... More

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