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These Professional Hypnotherapy Script Downloads are Designed to be used in clinical hypnosis to produce real change.  Scripts do not use outdated methods like regression or abreaction related to an ISE but rather, are based on the methods of Contextual Psychology, ACT Therapy, Mindfulness Based-Stress Reduction, and direct and indirect suggestion.   

Richard Nongard's Big Book of Professional Hypnosis Scripts (eBook)

CODE: rknproscriptsebook

$42.95   $35.00
This incredible eBook contains over 65 complete hypnosis scripts from Richard Nongard.

Porn Addiction Script

CODE: pornscript

Can hypnosis help a person to stop watching porn? The short answer is yes. Hypnosis is one of the greatest tools for altering our perceptions, experiences,... More

The Self-Hypnosis Resource Program
$49.00   $29.00
This is an online course only. There are no CD/DVD's. You will get instant online access to all content. Self-hypnosis is probably one of the most... More

Professional Hypnosis Script: Hand Tremors
$12.95   $9.95
Purpose of the script:  This script is a tool for professionals in conducting clinical hypnotherapysessions. It is meant as a guide and to help you... More

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis 4 Pack Script Set Download

CODE: smokhyp4packscript

This 4-pack stop smoking script set includes suggestive therapy sessions for Identity, Weightloss, Awareness and Stress Management. Stop smoking with hypnosis!

Weight Loss Hypnosis Scripts Multi-Session Pack Download

CODE: wl4packscript

Four Great Scripts for helping clients to lose weight and keep it off - or make a self-hypnosis weightloss recording for yourself.Address nutrition health, general wellness, physical activity, stress and anxiety, appearance, confidence, self-esteem and more!These self-help suggestive therapy hypnosis scripts are available as an instant-download .pdf file, so you can begin using them immediately!

Healthy Pregnancy & Childbirth with Hypnosis 3 Trimester Script Download Pack

CODE: preg3triscriptpack

Three complete hypnotherapy sessions, each designed to help you enter a natural, healing trance state, where you are able to relax, manage emotional responses, and take control of physical discomforts, all throughout your pregnancy.

Golf Performance and Putting Hypnosis 2 Pack Script Download

CODE: golf2scriptpack

Golf is a mental game, and hypnosis is coaching for the mind! These two great scripts emphasize concentration, focus and visualization for overall improved golf performance, and also specifically on developing perfect putting.Richard K. Nongard is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, who knows what it takes to win at the game of golf.Use these scripts with your clients, or for self-hypnosis sessions.

Enhance Sexual Satisfaction Experience with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: sexhypscript

Overcome past blocks to satisfaction and fulfillment, and experience new positive sensations by opening your mind to more sensory-based activities, with your partner or alone.

Alcohol Abuse and Problem Drinking Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: alcabscript

Overcome old patterns of thinking and behavior and learn new healthy ways to associate. Choose healthy choices, eliminate cravings.

Enhance Creativity with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: creatscript

Enhance your creativity - overcome writer's block and other snags to inspiration, motivation and creative thought. This instant-downloadable .pdf script is great for use with clients or self-hypnosis. from Richard Nongard, LMFT/CCH

Goal-Setting and Achievement with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: goalscript

Learn to set reasonable goals and discover the motivation to reach them!

Induction Eye Fixation/Fractionation Free Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: indeyefree

Free Hypnosis Scripts! Eye Fixation Induction and Number Fractionation Deepener - Use these scripts with stage or clinical hypnosis clients. Enjoy!

Weight Loss Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: wlhypscript

This single-session weight loss self-hypnosis script download is designed to help you create the perfect hypnotic suggestions, and draws from both directive and indirective approaches to hypnosis. You will love this easy-to-use suggestive therapy script for use with clients in hypnotherapy, or even to create your own self-hypnosis lose weight programs.

Induction: Ericksonian Confusion Levitation Hypnosis Script

CODE: indlevscript

Learn to use Erickson's style of confusion language and hypnotic phenomena demonstration to induce hypnotic trance.This instant-download .pdf hypnosis script includes a full written induction for you to study and use with your clients, or to create self-hypnosis recordings for yourself.

PMR + Staircase Deepener Induction Free Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: indpmrfree

Free Hypnosis Scripts - PMR Induction and Staircase Deepener!The content of these scripts should be useful in both clinical hypnosis and self-hypnosis sessions, for induction into trance designed to create therapeutic relaxation and to open a pathway for providing targeted suggestive hypnotherapy training. Enjoy!

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: smokhypscript

Stop smoking with hypnosis! Download suggestive therapy script for smoking cessation, from Richard Nongard, LMFT/CCH.

Reverse Arm Levitation with Stress Managment Induction Script Download

CODE: indarmscript

A POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE HYPNOSIS SCRIPT! - Reverse Arm Levitation Induction with Stress Management Suggestion. This induction script with a short built-in deepener allows the subject to "feel" the process of hypnosis. Great for resistant clients and those who like to "know that something happened" during the session. Can be used alone as a 'convincer' in clinical, stage or impromptu hypnosis settings, or combined with additional deepeners and suggestive therapy in clinical settings. ENJOY!

Overcome Lost Love & Heartbreak with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: lovescript

Hypnosis can help you move forward and get on with life after heartbreak! You CAN move on, and this downloadable .pdf hypnosis SCRIPT can help!Read this script to your clients, or read and record it to create a personal self-hypnosis session.

Pain Management: Increase Physical Comfort with Mindfulness Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: painmgtscript

You can live life in comfort despite injury or illness, and this self-help hypnosis .pdf script can help!Great for use with clients - or yourself! Hypnosis is an effective tool for managing pain, and the reason is simple: it changes our awareness and teaches a person how to overcome pain by increasing the level of comfort one also feels.

Social Anxiety: Overcome and Build Confidence Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: socanxscript

You can overcome social anxiety, worries and phobias with hypnosis! Instant .pdf download hypnosis script, from Richard K. Nongard, LMFT/CCH.Comes with a bonus 'manifestation of hypnotic phenomena' section - use your choice. These scripts are intended for personal self-hypnosis use, or to use with your clients in hypnotherapy sessions.

Quit Dipping Smokeless Tobacco with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: dippscriptset

You CAN quit dipping and chewing smokeless tobacco - forever! These 2 self-hypnosis scripts will teach you how to overcome physical discomfort of withdrawal from nicotine and bad habits, and how to replace old patterns of behavior with new patterns of healthy action.

Sports Performance: Increase Confidence, Focus with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: sptshypscript

This self-hypnosis sports script will provide the circle of confidence and focus you need to overcome performance anxiety and direct your focus back where it needs to be to achieve your goals.

Visual Imagery: Ocean and Candelabra Induction Script Download

CODE: indvisscriptset

This double hypnosis script set provides visual imagery induction and trance deepening suggestions - One uses the magnificence of the ocean, and the other the transfixing power of candle flame.

Effective Script Writing DVD Notes

CODE: scrfree

These are the notes that Richard Nongard writes on the flip-chart during the "How to Write Effective Hypnosis Scripts and Suggestions" DVD video.You may find them useful as an outline for taking notes.

Overcome Public Speaking and Stage Fright with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: speakscript

Overcome past blocks to performing on stage or speaking in public or crowds. Learn to become calm and confident on demand, and no longer panic about 'what if' embarrassment or humiliation.

Day Trading (Stocks, Bonds, & Options) with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: stocksscript

Develop greater focus and concentration, balance physical, emotional and spiritual responses, follow your personal trading rules even under pressure, and more.

Overcome Insomnia and Sleep Better with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: insomniascript

Overcome Insomnia and Sleep Better with Hypnosis.

Manage Anxiety and Stress with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: mananxscript

Manage Anxiety, Stress and Panic with Hypnosis.

Overcome Test-Taking Anxiety and Stress with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: testanxscript

Manage Test-Taking and Exam Anxiety, Stress and Panic with Hypnosis.

Improve Test-Taking Memory Recall with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: testmemscript

Improve Test-Taking and Exam Memory Recall with Hypnosis

Play Better Poker Games with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: pokerscript

Develop greater focus and concentration, manage physical and emotional facial tics or 'tells', follow your personal rules and decision-making patterns even under extreme pressure, and more.

Fast Fear and Phobia Cure with Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: phobiascript

Overcome fears - fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of insects, anything - recover from trauma, shock, PTSD, anxiety - with the NLP fast phobia cure.

Dr. Flowers Style Induction Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: indflowersscriptfree

FREE Hypnosis Download = Dr. Flowers Style Visualization, Eye-Fixation/Fatigue and Number Count Induction Script

Golden Bracelet Reverse Arm Levitation Induction Free Hypnosis Script Download

CODE: indgoldscriptfree

FREE Hypnosis Download Golden Bracelet/Bangle Reverse Arm Levitation Induction / Deepener ScriptLearn to use an easier version adaptation of the Erickson Reverse Arm Levitation induction, with more visualization and kinesthetic approach to induce and deepen hypnotic trance.

Fear Of Dying In Your Sleep

CODE: deadinsleep

You can overcome your fear of dying in your sleep and achieve a good night's rest. Instant .pdf download hypnosis script from Richard K. Nongard, LMFT/CCH.... More

Richard Nongard's Glove Anesthesia Pre-Talk and Script for Medical Hypnotherapy

CODE: glovescript

Glove Anesthesia is one of the important tools available in medical hypnotherapy.  It can be used as a treatment intervention for pain control, as a... More

Script for Effective Clinical Hypnosis Pre-Talk

Cloud Imagery - Self Hypnosis Meditation Script for Ending Stress and Anxiety

CODE: cloudscript


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