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Hypnosis for Goal Achievement and Success CD

CODE: goalachcd

Price: $16.95

Learn to set reasonable goals and discover the motivation to reach them!

Complete Hypnosis Session on Audio-CD

This CD session is a complete session, including directions for it use and ideas to make hypnosis more effective.  Each professionally produced recording begins with a pre-talk, explaining hypnosis and how it can be used.   This information is then followed by the relaxing sounds of nature or ambient music designed to heighten your relaxations response; and more specifically, to access that pat of the mind where learning takes place and new ideas can be imprinted.  When you are finished with this audio-CD you will have new insights, new ideas and a firm understanding of how to enter the next and most fulfilling chapter of your life.

Prepared by Richard K. Nongard, a respected clinical hypnotist, who is both a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified clinical hypnotherapist.   You will enjoy his practical suggestions, based on the methods that really work.

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