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Complete Hypnosis Session on Audio CD

Our CD's are complete hypnosis sessions, including directions for it use and ideas to make hypnosis more effective. Each professionally produced recording begins with a pre-talk, explaining hypnosis and how it can be used. This information is then followed by the relaxing sounds of nature or ambient music designed to heighten your relaxations response; and more specifically, to access that part of the mind where learning takes place and new ideas can be imprinted. When you are finished with this audio-CD you will have new insights, new ideas and a firm understanding of how to enter the next and most fulfilling chapter of your life.

Richard K. Nongard, is a respected clinical hypnotist, who is both a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified clinical hypnotherapist. You will enjoy his practical suggestions, based on the methods that have worked for the many clients he has hypnotized over the past 20 years.

Quit Smoking in One Day using Hypnosis CD

CODE: quitsmokecd

Stop Smoking TODAY! This hypnosis session was created by a former smoker who quit by using hypnosis! This program uses the same techniques that have worked for millions of others, and it will teach you how to manage nicotine cravings, become happy as a non-smoker and motivate you for success even if you have failed using other methods.

End Insomnia with Hypnosis CD

CODE: endinsomniacd

End Insomnia with Hypnosis and Brainwave Entrainment The word "hypnosis" comes from the Greek word for "sleep" - and there is no better way to end... More

Improve Your Golf Game with Hypnosis CD

CODE: impgolfcd

Golf is a mental game and this hypnosis CD will give you the mental edge you need! Two complete hypnosis tracks! One focusing on perfect putting, the other visualizing your success and golf performance. A great compliment to our "Perfect Putting" mp3, this CD will have you swinging with confidence and hitting your visual mark.

Manage Anxiety and Panic with Hypnosis CD

CODE: anxpancd

Hypnosis teaches specific skills for managing physical distress and ending the uncomfortable feelings associated with anxiety, panic, fears and phobias - and this audio session is your starting point for mastering these life changing skills, from Richard Nongard, LMFT/CCH.

Overcome Lost Love, Grief and Heartbreak with Hypnosis CD

CODE: lostlovecd

Learn how to get past the pain of a failed or lost relationship with hypnosis, and move forward by drawing upon internal strengths, visualizing exciting new chapters in life, and experiencing self-forgiveness. You can move on after heart break, and this self-hypnosis CD can help! From Richard Nongard.

Create Incredible Confidence in any Situation with Hypnosis CD

CODE: incconfcd

Imagine having incredible confidence in any situation! You can use the tools of hypnosis to create confidence one-on-one or when addressing a group. By using the techniques on this audio session, you will easily be able to master self-confidence and benefit from the suggestions that are given.

Fly Fear Free using Hypnosis CD

CODE: fearflycd

Instant mp3 Download - with CD Quality Sound! This self-hypnosis session is perfect for understanding the basic skills of hypnosis and learning to relax and enjoy flying. This session will teach you to maximize your comfort and help you avoid anxiety and fear to succeed at flying.

Hypnosis for Enhancing Creativity, Overcoming Writer's Block, and Increasing Artistic Expressions CD

CODE: writeblockcd

Hypnotic Creativity: Overcome writer's block, enhance artistic expression and energize your creativity! This complete hypnosis session mp3 download will show you how!

Hypnosis for Goal Achievement and Success CD

CODE: goalachcd

Learn to set reasonable goals and discover the motivation to reach them!

Hypnosis for Relaxation, Empowerment, & Creative Visualization CD

CODE: relaxempcd

This empowering self-hypnosis visualization session is appropriate for both adults and teens, and includes instructions to either end the session energized and empowered, or to drift off into a deep sleep for a restful night. From Richard Nongard, LMFT/CCH.

Hypnosis CD for Test Taking Anxiety, Performance and Recall

CODE: testanxcd

This CD will guide you through a complete hypnosis session guaranteed to reduce stress and worry and increase relaxation and focus. Learn the skills of progressive muscle relaxation, creative visualization and breath work to end symptoms of anxiety and panic related to testing situations, improve confidence and recall ability to finish exams, letting your true abilities shine through.

Increase Sexual Performance and Satisfaction with Hypnosis CD

CODE: incsexperfcd

Overcome past blocks to sexual satisfaction and fulfillment, and experience new positive sensations by opening your mind to more sensory-based activities, with your partner or alone.

Mindful Healing: End Pain and Discomfort with Medical Hypnosis CD

CODE: mindhealcd

Many people have found mindfulness training and hypnosis to be one of the most effective ways to control chronic pain, pain during illness, or pain from cancer or as a result of injury. This audio program teaches the skills of self-hypnosis for pain management, and can help you to reduce pain, increase comfort and promote healing from within. From Richard Nongard, LMFT/CCH.

Overcome Stage Fright or Public Speaking with Hypnosis CD

CODE: stagefrightcd

Overcome past blocks to performing on stage or speaking in public or crowds. Learn to become calm and confident on demand, and no longer panic about 'what if' embarrassment or humiliation. This complete hypnosis session will show you how!

Play Perfect Poker through Hypnosis CD

CODE: perfpokercd

Did you know that your face contains over 200 micro-muscles? Throughout our lives we have subconsciously learned to express ourselves with the body, and these "tells" must be controlled to develop the perfect poker face. Hypnosis can help you improve your odds with card games by teaching you skills for mastering non-verbal communication, manage emotions and create a winning attitude that attracts wealth and good fortune.

Pregnancy and Childbirth (First Trimester) CD

CODE: preg1stcd

Women who desire a safe and natural childbirth experience are discovering how hypnosis can be used to enhance bonding, prepare the body for labor and delivery, and promote health throughout pregnancy. Studies indicate many positive benefits of self-hypnosis during pregnancy, and this First Trimester audio session is your starting point for a safe and natural delivery.

Pregnancy and Childbirth (Second Trimester) CD

CODE: preg2ndcd

During the second trimester of pregnancy, self-hypnosis can help you realize physical comfort despite changes to the body, help promote healthy growth of the baby, and help you develop a deep spirit of joy as you face changes in your family.

Pregnancy and Childbirth (Third Trimester) CD

CODE: preg3rdcd

Healthy pregnancy with hypnosis! In the third trimester of pregnancy, self-hypnosis can used to create a foundation for natural childbirth and to guide you through this amazing process without complications.

Psalm 139 Hypnosis Meditation CD

CODE: psalm139cd

As you may or may not know, my background before psychotherapy and hypnotherapy was religion. I even worked as a pastor at two different churches. Although I am now far removed from the business of religion, I am always fascinated by the religious mind and faith. I have spent a lot of time in Asia in over the past few years watching meditation at some of the Catholic churches, in various Zen Temples and other places.

Quit Dipping Smokeless Tobacco Hypnosis Session CD

CODE: quitdipcd

You CAN quit dipping and chewing smokeless tobacco - forever! This CD will teach you how to overcome physical discomfort of withdrawal from nicotine and bad habits, and how to replace old patterns of behavior with new patterns of healthy action.

Day Trading Stocks and Options with Hypnosis CD

CODE: daytradecd

Day-Trading with Hypnosis Enhance Mental Acuity, Adhere to Trading Principles and Attract Wealth Develop greater focus and concentration, balance... More

Replace Procrastination with Motivation Hypnosis Session CD

CODE: procmotivcd

Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools available for impacting procrastination, because it helps you to change your subconscious patterns of behavior with cues for action.

Stop Drinking and Alcohol Abuse with Hypnosis CD

CODE: stopalcabcd

Learn to change your thinking to stop drinking. Regain control of emotions and behaviors, and make positive life changes.

Stop Your Headaches with Hypnosis Audio CD

CODE: stopheadcd

Specifically developed to produce the fastest maximum natural relief from headaches and migraines. Utilizing the latest research in binaural technology combined with clinically valid hypnotherapy, this self-hypnosis session will guide you to a new level of freedom and relief from pain and discomfort.

The Hypnotic Diet: Lose Weight with Hypnosis CD

CODE: hypnodietcd

This hypnosis session was created to help you gain the motivation necessary to increase healthy physical activity and learn new skills that can help you reach your weight loss goals.

The Ultimate Hypnosis Session CD

CODE: ulthypnocd

This CD session is a complete session, including directions for it use and ideas to make hypnosis more effective. Each professionally produced recording begins with a pre-talk, explaining hypnosis and how it can be used.

Therapeutic Relaxation/ Distress Tolerance/ PMR - CD

CODE: therapmrdvd

1 Audio CD with 4 stress-free self-hypnosis calming PMR relaxation sessionsTake Control At Will - with the skills of Progressive Muscle Relaxation!

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