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eBooks are downloaded instantly! And of course, no shipping charges. Simple .pdf format lets you view them on any computer, and even print scripts and important pages. View on any computer, tablet, e-reader or even your smartphone!

Books are shipped worldwide and are some of the most important resources in the field of hypnotherapy.   

On this page, eBooks (no shipping charge and instant access) are listed first, followed by the tradtional paper books (shipping charges apply).

Medical Hypnotherapy: Techniques, Scripts and Processes for Effective Hypnosis and Healing (eBook)

CODE: medhypebook

Available in PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Lit Formats! Also available in Paperback here . Hypnosis is not a complimentary and alternative therapy.... More

The Herbal Alternative by Ziad Sawi, MD (250 page eBook download format)
$24.95   $9.95
    Learn How the Herbal Alternative Can Save Your Health The Herbal Alternative Exposing the Money-Making Pharmaceutical... More

Contextual Psychology: Integrating Mindfulness-Based Approaches into Effective Therapy (eBook)
$19.95   $9.95
CONTEXTUAL PSYCHOLOGY: Integrating Mindfulness-Based Approaches into Effective Therapy This is the downloadable eBook Version a paperback will... More

Transformational Leadership: How To Lead From Your Strengths And Maximize Your Impact (eBook Version)
Transformational Leadership: How To Lead From Your Strengths And Maximize Your Impact Instant Download eBook Transformational... More

Speak Ericksonian: Mastering the Hypnotic Methods of Milton Erickson, M.D.
$24.95   $14.95
Speak Ericksonian: MASTERING THE HYPNOTIC METHODS OF MILTON ERICKSON By Dr. Richard Nongard and James Hazlerig, M.A. you get... More

Richard Nongard's Big Book of Professional Hypnosis Scripts (eBook)

CODE: rknproscriptsebook

$42.95   $35.00
This incredible eBook contains over 65 complete hypnosis scripts from Richard Nongard.

(eBook) Magic Words: The Sourcebook of Hypnosis Patter and Scripts and How to Overcome Hypnotic Difficulties

CODE: mwebook

$29.95   $24.95
This is the e-book .pdf version to have the paperback send in the mail click here . MAGIC WORDS: THE SOURCEBOOK OF HYPNOSIS PATTER AND SCRIPTS AND HOW... More

(eBook) Medical Meditation - How to Reduce Pain, Decrease Complications, and Recover Faster from Surgery, Disease and Illness eBook

CODE: mmpainebook

$24.95   $14.95
Optimize your health and reduce anxiety, stress and dependence on pain medications. This book provides the research-driven simple exercises and tools of medical meditation that provide positive results.

(eBook) Keys to the Mind: Learn How to Hypnotize Anyone and Practice Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Correctly eBook Download

CODE: kttmebook

Keys to the Mind will teach you exactly what you need to know to successfully hypnotize someone and do it safely and correctly. Hypnosis is a proven tool for helping people overcome life's challenges and take control of self-defeating patterns of behavior. This book will show you how to facilitate the basic process of hypnosis and begin to structure hypnotherapy sessions for success.

(eBook) Richard Nongard's Inductions & Deepeners for Effective Hypnosis eBook

CODE: nidehebook

This educational text is simply packed with detailed explanations of script examples - from actual live sessions - demonstrating inductions and deepeners that produce powerful hypnotic phenomena and trance, for use with both adults and children. From Richard Nongard.

(eBook) Becoming a Profitable Therapist eBook Download

CODE: bptebook

Innovative ideas to create a successful private practice - financial constraints and the desire to remain a compassionate hypnotherapist.From finding office space, to networking for community referrals, to advertising and marketing strategies, and collecting non-insurance payments - this step-by-step set covers all this information and more!

(eBook) NSRI: Client Strengths and Resources Inventory eBook Download

CODE: nsripdfebook

The NSRI: Nongard Strengths and Resources Inventory Focus on What is Right with the Client, to Facilitate Change!The NSRI is a simple, one page, self-report assessment of life - from skills and abilities, to potential social supports, to personal resources and more.It's great for intake assessments, tracking progress, monitoring accountability and building client confidence.

(eBook) Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets eBook by Michael Johns & Richard Nongard

CODE: mjrknebook

Learn how to become a Great Stage Show Hypnotist! This educational text takes you through the development of a stage show step-by-step and discusses what you need to know and do - how, why and when - to create a successful hypnotic experience. From Las Vegas Hypnosis Gurus, Richard Nongard and Michael Johns.

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