How To Do Self-Hypnosis

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How To Do Self-Hypnosis

People have used hypnosis to lose weight and stop smoking, to overcome a lost love and to manage frustrations in difficult life situations. You can learn to use the principles of self-hypnosis to enhance creativity, develop unique ways of solving problems, manage stress and find balance in your life.
Hypnotherapist Richard Nongard will teach you how to create your own hypnotic trance state in order to tap into the amazing resources already deep within you.    
With this 90-minute instructional DVD video training, you will learn:
m     The truth about how self-hypnosis works
m     Three effective methods of self-hypnosis
                       m     How to create suggestions for change that really work
 m     How to enhance creativity and intuition
m     How to use hypnosis to manage stress
m     How to gain the competitive edge using the principles of self-hypnosis in business, personal achievement and interpersonal relationships.
Richard K. Nongard, LMFT/CCH is a licensed psychotherapist, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, and the author of many books and DVD's, including Hypnotic Sex: Ignite Passion in the Bedroom by Hypnotizing Your Lover.  Known throughout the world for his unique insights and innovative teaching strategies, Richard also assists many high-profile entertainers in achieving their personal and professional goals - and he can help you, too!

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