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Building a Successful All-Cash Private Practice

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The all-new TWO DVD set showing you how to build a successful all cash private practice, with specific instruction for online marketing and search engine results.

How to Build a Successful All-Cash

Private Practice in Counseling and Hypnotherapy

Are you tired of having an advanced degree and yet still struggling financially? Are you frustrated by the lack of response to your marketing?  The powerful and simple ideas on these DVDs can bring you freedom from managed care, relief from the stress of "red-tape" in client billing, and teach you how to love doing therapy again!

These DVDs will teach you:

  • How to profit from the Internet as a therapist.
  • How to get paid twice your current rate and get paid in advance.
  • How to sell solutions rather than trade "dollars-for hours."
  • How to forget about insurance billing and enjoy life again!
  • Actually get paid for the work you do and accept Credit Cards!
  • How to become too busy on an advertising budget of only $100 a month!
  • How to triple your client base without dealing with managed care.
  • Learn how to structure an all cash hypnotherapy or traditional counseling practice.
  • How to think like a business manager and retain clinical compassion.
  • Disc two uses computer screenshots to show you exactly where to find the resources to build a dynamic website that will bring you clients.

Richard K. Nongard, LMFT/CCH is in private practice and has built many successful businesses. You will benefit from the content of this DVD and start profiting immediately.

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