Hypnosis Background Music

These CD's are all continuous sound files ideal for hypnotherapy, meditation, massage and energy psychology background tracks. The original purchaser may use these live hypnosis session in an unlimited manor, and may also use these for background tracks on recorded CD’s for individual client use. These files have been produced by Dan Kern at a1subliminal.com

Royalty-Free Use:

The original purchaser is licensed to use these background tracks to create 100 derivative products per year that you intend to sell, and this should be sufficient for most hypnotists selling CD’s to clients, at fairs and other events. If you intent to mass produce hypnosis or meditation CD’s and intend to sell more than 100 products per year using these background files, contact Dan Kern at a1subliminal.com for an affordable commercial use license.

SOUND OF HEALING: Metaphsyical Music Theta Level Binaural Technlogy for Hypnosis Background - 4 Hours
$129.00   $89.00
The Sound of Healing: Metaphysical Music for Hypnotheapy, Meditation, Massage and Healing Therapy Four different 55-minute continuous play... More

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