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We are available to answer questions by email or phone, and we invite you to ask any questions. The ICBCH social media forums have thousands of members worldwide who are also happy to provide advice and guidance as you grow your practice or master self-hypnosis.

Thousands of Worldwide Students

Over the past decade, literally thousands of people have taken our online courses to become expert hypnotists. Our courses use the same technology that accredited universities use for online education.

Dr. Richard K. Nongard, LMFT

Is a university professor, a popular author, and a frequent speaker at worldwide conferences. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. You can find out more about Richard and his qualifications here.

“His online courses are the best I have taken! simple, thorough, quaility in both content and delivery, and great course materials. He is a gifted teacher as well.”   Unsolicited Facebook comment posted 8/31/15 by Verou in San Diego in the ICBCH group.

Anne S.

This program is well thought out and presented in an at-ease classroom manner. The information I have learned in this course combined with your other courses and videos have been invaluable.

Ronald B.

Thank You! I would score your  hypnosis training as excellent! Dr. Richard Nongard, LMFT’s video was in fact hypnotic! I am looking forward to more of your Hypnosis Programs! And, the texts you selected were the best for the training!

Jack Lee